RxJS Makes React + Redux Amazing

This event title is React Router v4, RxJS with React/Redux, React Components.

Note in this event, the co-author of redux-observable, Senior UI Engineer, Netflix Jay Phelps will give a presentation RxJS Makes React + Redux Amazing.

Details: Find out why Netflix loves reactive programming with Rx. You’ll learn the basics of RxJS 5 Observables and how they can be used with React and Redux to manage asynchronous effects including composing and canceling async actions.

If you want to join this event, or know more details about this event, please check here.

Add a note here, for Angular2-Meteor people, the better choice is using ngrx.

ngrx has a more mature ecosystem, including

  • ngrx/store (Redux store)
  • ngrx/effects (Redux Saga)
  • ngrx/notify
  • ngrx/store-devtools
  • ngrx-store-localstorage
  • ngrx-store-logger
  • ngrx/db

Check Desugar Meteor, Angular 2, RxJS 5, and ngrx and start to learn and use them.