Safe to edit meteor/.versions


After updating my app’s dependencies this morning I had some issues with fourseven:scss so I wanted to revert back to the previous version. I’m sure in the past I’ve used:

meteor add fourseven:scss@3.2.0

but that didn’t seem to work so I edited .meteor/versions and it then used the desired version and all was good.

Is it a bad idea to edit this file? Is there another way I can install a particular version of a package without editing it?


I do it, it usually doesn’t cause any problems.
Probably not recommended though.


you should be able to force the version using meteor add fourseven:scss@=3.2.0


Just checking: using the =3.2.0 syntax will lock in the package at that version and it’ll never update if 3.2.1 comes out, correct?


Correct you will have to add the new version. It will however start updating again if you run it again with a newer version without the =.


Yes you can do this but the version chosen can also be a a result of Meteor trying to find the best version based on your request and packages it’s using. If you use packages yourself (like package based architectures) then it’s strongly recommended to configure versions in package.js files because that will never be influenced by other updates.

If you force versions in the versions file later on you might run into incompatibility issues when packages start to upgrade. That can be a months later which can make it bit of an issue.