Salesforce integration into Meteor Account system

I am interested in adding another integration point for the account system built with meteor.

I am brand new to meteor, and must give credit to @ffxsam for instituting it as the technology platform at our current place of work. I am betting my career on it.

We have a project that needs to use oauth for authentication of salesforce users. We are currently relying on JSForce for most of the heavy lifting, but are having issues where the system thinks we are logged out when we are not.

I am thinking if I can actually add users / update their status as they login with oauth into meteor.user() our problems might be solved.

And we could even push that forward and add an account-salesforce package.

Thank You in Advance!

There actually exists an “accounts-oauth” package in core:

Maybe you could utilize this.


Interesting. Okay, I have to go through the source and see how these existing packages work, and how I can leverage the system for tighter integration.