Same code , Different domains , Different display

So I’ve been using my subdomain as a staging website Staging website where everything is fine and shows up properly. But on the production website everything looks different and messed up. I’m pushing the same code, the only thing is that the galaxy account is different since I’m doing it for someone. But everything is set up the same way. did anyone have this problem before?

For me both versions look messed up.

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Thank you ! I don’t see those on my computer (which is problematic). Does anyone know how I can get rid of those ? I tried “overflow:hidden” already.

I see very different pages, first the bad one:

Now the good one:

There’s some obvious differences between them which you need to investigate:

  1. The bad website is marked as insecure because although it is served over HTTPS it is trying to access non HTTPS content (from The good website is accessing these from…, why are they different?
  2. The bad website is accessing files from the good website’s domain - look in the <head> section, there are two references to
  3. The main css files used by each version are completely different. Compare bad vs good
  4. Even with all the CSS removed (using Chrome DevTools and deleting all <style> elements from the <head> section) there are still differences. For example, the <div id='brand'> has inline css style="overflow: hidden;" on the good version but not the bad. In fact there are quite a few inline css occurrences of overflow:hidden on the good website. Where are they coming from?

You need to investigate where these differences are coming from.

Good luck!


Are you using Git amd continuous deployment? Maybe the 2 sites are connected to different branches

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Turns out my coworker had set a *{} that put scrollbars on everything and it looked different depensing on which computer looked at it. Thak you for answering !