Sample apps for beginners

Hi everyone,

I went trough the Meteor Docs, and two books (Meteor in Action + My first Application) but I’m really missing some sample apps for beginners.

Did I missed a paradise full of easy-to-grasp meteor apps? I hope I did!

Many thanks for your help!

Hey, maybe you’ll find something interesting here: :slight_smile:

Thanks Julian. I went trough that list one month ago. Anyway, many of the links are dead, and most of the projects are not open source. The remaining apps are quite complex to me…

Have you been through Discover Meteor, and its associated sample app Microscope? It’s a great beginner app. Just keep in mind that a lot has changed with Meteor 1.3 so the ideas/recommendations in Discover Meteor aren’t necessarily the way to go moving forward (but a lot of the core concepts are still the same, and the book does an excellent job explaining those concepts). For a current sample app, be sure to check out MDG’s todos app (which is the reference app of the Guide).

Did you do the simple-todos tutorial on It’s the most up-to-date in regard to Meteor 1.3.

I went through both, but not in the 1.3 flavor. Yet :wink:

You could do meteor create --example <example name> to create a basic sample

They are very basic though.

I’d start there as a lot has changed. I’d even suggest going through the Angular and React versions of them to see the differences.

Yes, I know. I’ll do this.
I really had a bad timing on this one. I was just starting to catch the concepts of Meteor and “Hey! Please enjoy a critical update!” :smiley: