Sandstorm App Market launch -- Package your Meteor app


Hi friends,

I’m Jade from (formerly MDG), a Google-docs-like interface that makes it radically easier to run a personal server. Sandstorm is open source and made with Meteor – check out the demo!

The Sandstorm App Market is a great way to make your Meteor app available for other folks to deploy to a private cloud environment. To get a sense of what Sandstorm is like, I recommend installing Wekan (Trello replacement by @mquandalle) from the App Market.

We just launched the [App Market] ( and the open beta of Sandstorm Oasis, our managed hosting service (for folks who don’t want to install Sandstorm on a Linux box under their desk).

Anyway, I’d love to know what you think!

P.S. How to package a Meteor app for the Sandstorm App Market:
If you’re on Linux: