Sanjo:jasmine is now updated for Meteor 1.3 testing


The sanjo:jasmine package is now fully updated for Meteor 1.3 testing. I have updated the README to reflect the current state of testing in Meteor 1.3.

Let me know if you continue or start using sanjo:jasmine with Meteor 1.3 in this topic.

Currently no CI support: Meteor 1.3 testing still lacks in direct support for running tests in CI. So currently there is no longer CI support. I hope one of the next versions of Meteor will provide a better API to enable running tests in CI. If you have a temporary solution for running sanjo:jasmine tests in CI, please share.


This is great news. I’ve been looking forward to getting Jasmine working again with 1.3, having used it since early-1.1 – I’ve really enjoyed it.

Lack of CI will need work though and I hope to find some time to look into that, specifically. The Meteor Guide makes it sound like CI support is “there”, but it does appear to be less “direct” than ideal.

I guess dispatch:mocha-phantomjs is using dispatch:phantomjs-tests to accomplish this?


I’ve created an issue for CI support in sanjo:jasmine with my response and vision.

I’ve also submitted a proposal for the CI support in the Meteor testing API. Give it a thumbs up, if you like the idea or write your comment if I missed something.


I will longer maintaining sanjo:jasmine. I have created a migration path to Mocha that allows you to still use the Jasmine expect and spyOn APIs with Mocha. With the available Mocha packages from Dispatch, you can now run your tests on CI again.


It’s terrible to see this happen, especially as it’s probably one of the top 5 most installed packages on Atmosphere (aside from core) and the fact that I use it extensively and this means I probably have some more work to do. I’m not surprised though – it’s been a lot to maintain and you haven’t had a lot of other contribution/help/support – whatever you want to call it. :wink:

Thank you very much for providing sanjo:jasmine (and the beautiful Velocity), and even more so for providing a clear migration path – something you didn’t have to do. You and @sam have been the most significant leaders in providing testing for the Meteor community over the past years – when it was very difficult – and I hope you know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

So, :beers: .



Here are the facts that lead to the decision :wink:

  • My favorite parts of Jasmine are the expect and spyOn API. On the other hand Mocha has support for promises, nice objects diffs when an equality check fails and more and better reporters.
  • Aldeed has done a great job creating the Mocha integration packages for the new Meteor test runner API and those packages are backed and maintained by Dispatch.
  • I don’t use sanjo:jasmine anymore. I run tests directly with Wallaby and on CI I use Karma and a script for the server side. It is faster. With Wallaby I get feedback under a second. I will consider to use the Meteor test runner for CI tho.

So for me using Wallaby with Mocha and expect and spyOn from Jasmine (instead of the most commonly chosen chai and sinon) is the best combination for development supporting tests right now. :slight_smile: