📡 TRANSMISSION #13: Help pick topics


It’s time to plan TRANSMISSION show #13!

I will be talking with MDG team members about whatever the most interesting topics have been for the last month, and I’d like to get your help with that.

Reply here and let us know which recent topics are the most important to you!


On Episode #12 we talked about the upcoming Meteor 1.4 release, opinions in the Meteor Guide, the React and Angular tutorials, and the state of allow/deny.


TRANSMISSION is a monthly show covering the most important topics to come out of the Meteor Forums. Each week we need your help to pick the most relevant forum posts for us to discuss with MDG in deeper detail.

Podcast Site: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8Q7cbf4J6aQEYun5g8fxt9B5


Build process webpack vs build. Or rather, what will be your goals and todo’s after 1.4/1.5? I believe we all understand that 1.4/1.5 are very important releases but at the same time there are also essential things missing, such as better build tools and for example (again related to it) code splitting.


Great, thanks @AndreasGalster!


The episode is up now! We discussed Apollo and Saturn, Meteor 1.4, and community-maintained Blaze among other things.

You can watch it on YouTube or subscribe via your favorite podcast player.