📡 TRANSMISSION #16: Help pick topics

It’s time to plan TRANSMISSION show #16!

I will be talking with MDG team members about whatever the most interesting topics have been for the last month or so, and I’d like to get your help with that.

Reply here and let us know which recent topics are the most important to you!


On Episode #15 we talked about community involvement (as usual), Meteor 1.4.2, GraphQL subscriptions, and the grapher package.


TRANSMISSION is a monthly show covering the most important topics to come out of the Meteor Forums. Each month we need your help to pick the most relevant forum posts for us to discuss with MDG in deeper detail.

Podcast Site: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8Q7cbf4J6aQEYun5g8fxt9B



And, this:


an update on:

and maybe a word about:


Possible topics:

The impact of the loss of Arunoda/Kadira as creators/maintainers on some of the most used Meteor packages. Will those packages be removed from the guide? Any discussions with Arunoda?

As MDG transistions to a role of fostering a community developed platform where does the line of that get drawn? E.g. as Blaze gets decoupled it really is no more significant to core than Flow-router, Collection2, and other packages that are very commonly used. Should the resources spent fostering the community be put only towards what is or was in core or should it be focused on what has the most impact on the community?


Great picks for topics, thanks everyone!


Thanks for spearheading this!

@sashko made a comment in one the posts that a number of thought leaders in Meteor have moved on. My take is that many were service providers who were needed when Meteor was still not as stable, and / or who moved on to ‘shiny’ frameworks. Now that Meteor is stable, I am noticing quite a few companies actually using it, but they are not that active in the community (i.e. forum) - they come in every once in a while to read about updates but that’s it. I can sense why, they are not necessarily looking to sell their services, they have a product that makes money (we fall into that category) and are perfectly happy about Meteor the way it is.

This is a major change in Meteor’s community composition. There is a larger “silent majority” now. I think it is an important topic to address as the community in this forum is still judging meteor by the previous composition of the community, which has evolved quite a bit.

Sorry for rambling :slight_smile:


Exactly! I mean, I’m getting recruiter emails with offers for Meteor jobs - trough LinkedIn… how more established can a framework be! :smiley:

@pauldowman I would love to have @benjamn on, to thank him for the awesome work on 1.4.2, and to talk about what’s on the roadmap. (& can you gift him a beer for me? I’ll send you some BTC :slight_smile: )

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+1 on how official Apollo integration on Meteor 1.5 look like. Would it be like current community solution by proxying request to express server?


Heck, why not a bottle of wine, I’ll paypal it! Or even a Christmas basket to thank all the great MDG people.

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Server side rendering, future of Blaze, Vue JS as view layer.

Flow Router.

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What about Service Workers support out of the box in Meteor? It would allow us to build Progressive Web Apps (Push notifications, offline support, launch app from home screen, …) :smiley:





Thanks everyone, it’s up now!

Great suggestions, we couldn’t fit all of them in but we tried! I’d love to hear any feedback for future shows either here or via direct message.

Thanks again to @sashko and MDG for making this possible, it’s great to have the chance for us to ask questions and hear from them directly.



Oh, and I’m going to be in San Francisco in January, I’ll buy @sashko a beer for you all. :smile:


Thanks for all the great info, @pauldowman and @sashko! I posted my notes from the show as a written reference, hope it’s helpful.


Thanks guys, and thank @carina, notes like these are super helpful if you don’t have time to watch the whole video.

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Yes! Thank you for taking notes - I know people have mentioned not having time to listen to the whole thing before.



Just curious when the next transmission will be…
Really in love with this podcast ! Thanks for the good work, help a lot.

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We’re in the process of scheduling the next one, now that everyone’s back from various vacations!