Saving Image with JavaScript / Node to FileSystem


I write some code for image uploading and I have a problem with saving the image file to local file system.

As you can see on screenshots Code creates a file on my location but a file is not readable.

Do I miss something in a process of saving?

Here is Client and Server Code Screenshot:

Here is error and you can see in back encoding/decoding result it seems okay.

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readAsDataURL has base64 encoded data in the format of

So you need to get rid of the mime type and encoding information at the front.

contents = contents.split(’,’)[1];
Now you can send this base64 encoded data to server.


Since you’re receiving base64 encoded data, you can convert it buffer and write to file:

fs.writeFile(filepath, Buffer(argument,‘base64’), err => {

Hassansin give me correct solution on: