Say Hello To ES2015

We talked to few new developers and they wanted to jump start with ES2015. There are more then enough tutorials out there.

But it seems like there is a need for some real-life usecases. So, I coined up a simple course. Here it is:

Check Now: Say Hello to ES2015

It follows the same format as BulletProof Meteor and LearnGraphQL.

What do you think? We are planning to put another few more courses for React & JavaScript Testing in general.

Hope this will be useful.


amazing! very useful Arunoda! going to read it tonight. thank you!

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Nice resource @arunoda . Just what I needed to start using ES2015

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@arunoda Can you add a section explaining async/await, which is available in Meteor 1.3? I really want to see developers shift away from callbacks and promises.

Async await is planned for ES2017…

Yes, but Meteor supports them already.