Scaling question: Disabling oplog on a per query basis



I started disabling oplog on a lot of the queries in my app in an effort to improve performance, but from the Kadira graphs I see that this seems to have had the opposite effect and things are now running slower than before.

One publication I have publishes data for 700 or so Players. This publication doesn’t have to update in real time and if it updates once per minute that’s good enough for me, so I disabled oplog and told it to poll every 60 seconds (60,000 ms).

I’m trying to work out why response time has slowed down since I made this change. What happens if a user makes a subscription when oplog is disabled? Does the server make a new call to the database each time, or will it use the currently cached data and only refetch data at the polling interval which happens every 60 seconds? If the former, it makes sense that performance has dropped off since I’m making more database calls than I was before.