🚨 SCAM ALERT: Fake Website Impersonating Our Brand

Dear Community,
Our attention has been drawn to a deceptive website that is falsely claiming to be associated with our company: ‘meteorseotrypro.cc’.
Please be aware that this website is a SCAM and has no affiliation with us.

:point_right: Key Points to Remember:

  • DO NOT visit the fraudulent site as it poses a significant security threat.
  • NEVER share personal or financial information on suspicious websites.
  • Always rely on our official communication channels for accurate information and updates about our services and offers.

:point_right: Your safety is our top priority.
We are actively working to resolve this issue and prevent future occurrences. In the meantime, we appreciate your vigilance and support in safeguarding our community against such scams.

Let’s stay safe and informed together. :comet:


Passkeys can help protect users


A basic protection can also be a good DNS, I’m using:

I have the fraudulent website blocked via newly registered domains blocking.


I got a call from someone who said they’d gotten an SMS from my site (Meteor/Galaxy) when in fact I don’t send out the kind of SMS they received and had had no prior contact with them.


I’ve had a representative reach out to me and I’ve been working on the platform. Could you tell me if this is the scam website? Thank you.


Exactly, @queenavb. That’s a scam.

The website https://meteorseotrypro.cc is not legitimate.


@vikr00001 This isn’t good. You need to tell your customers that we don’t send contacts or SMS.


Yes my money is stuck on there and they won’t help me or anything. I am at a complete lost. All my money is gone.

Agreed. They’ve never heard of Galaxy, so that isn’t an issue. The person or people getting these texts have never heard of my site, either. The funny thing is that the texts have my real (Google) phone number attached. Hmmm… I wonder if my PWA is sending text messages out that I don’t know about? But… that can’t be because the person or people getting these texts have never heard of me.

I don’t know what this is yet.

This same company has actually started scamming people by impersonating my website in the music industry. It looks almost identical, with users having to “complete tasks” to earn guaranteed money – but only if they put money in first. All communication is happening via SMS / WhatsApp, which is not something we’ve ever used. Unfortunately a number of people have lost thousands of dollars already, and there’s not much we can do to stop it :frowning:

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