sChat - Open Source Live Chat App

…While testing Galaxy Developer plan, MongoLab and Let’s Encrypt :wink:

sChat (or SimpleChat or SimpleChat.Support) is an open source and very basic live chat app. It is free and MIT licensed. You can use it in a SaaS-like model on the website or you can also create your own self-hosted copy of the app. You can even take some parts of it.

Getting Started:

In short:

  1. Create account:
  2. Login to the user panel
  3. Create your ‘client app’ instance
  4. Install chat box on your website (there will be hints and links in the user panel)
    4.1 For Meteor App: Add the sChat box package: [schat:client-blaze] (
    4.2 For Standard App/Website: Include static .css and .js files.
  5. Initialize chat box with custom configuration

More info:

GitHub repo:

Please contribute and let me know if there are areas which need to be improved. (especially security etc.) Thanks!


Great and Amazing stuff…:slight_smile: … Question though: why did you develop this? How does it compare to Mattermost / ?

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Great, I’ll start writing basic chat feature for the players in my app to communicate at the weekend, so I’m very happy for a chance to learn from your code.

Thanks a lot!

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I am aware of these tools but I needed something simple (just a chat box widget) integrated with Meteor packages system. So you can simply install chat box in your Meteor app. The second reason is that I needed to test and also support Galaxy and some other stuff so I tought that I can create simple product from what I have. :slight_smile: I hope that it can be useful even when you take only some parts of it. As @brajt said it could be also useful as a learning code base.
Contribiutions are welcome :slight_smile:

Yay! Super awesome online indicator added! :wink: :wink:

I just leave it here :wink:
Blog post: Live Chat App Using Meteor and the DDP Protocol

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Update: some improvements available. Check it out:


Never got to see this when it was launched, thanks for the work!

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