Scoial sharing meteor mobile apps

I am facing four problems while sharing stuff from mobile app to Facebook and twitter.
I have used lukemadera:social-share plugin for sharing in my mobile app.

My problems are

  1. On clicking sharing button it opens up the browser instead of native social app installed on the mobile like Facebook.
  2. While sharing it never comes back to the app and does not show any message that sharing has been done successfully.
  3. If I tap on the link that I have shared on facebook I want it to open that on the installed app but it open up the web link of the app.
  4. The sharing material only shows the link but not the subject and description

Here is my social share sheet
var opts = {
email: false,
facebook: true,
facebookMessage: false,
gmail: false,
googlePlus: false,
linkedIn: false,
pinterest: false,
sms: false,
twitter: true,
url: false,
shareData: {
url: Meteor.absoluteUrl() + FlowRouter.current().path,
facebookAppId: ‘12345678910’,
subject: myJob.title,
body: myJob.description,
redirectUrl: Meteor.absoluteUrl() + FlowRouter.current().path
return opts;

Any help will be much appreciated.