Scope for Autoform before hook and

Hello there.

Using aldeed Autoform, I intend to send a request before the collection is inserted on database. I have the following code

// client Code
// Autoform routines to call API before insert hook
var techMapBeforeHook = {
  before: {
    insert: function(doc,template){
   'sendDocToAPI', doc, function(error, success) { 
        if (error) { 
          console.log('error', error); 
        if (success) { 
          console.log("It worked!");
          // return doc; This does not work
          // return this.result(doc); This does not work either 
        return this.result(doc); // This works. But I expected it worked if the call worked, inside the if(success).

// Server Code
  sendDocToAPI: function(doc) { 
     return doc;

I believe I am missing some scope clarity here. Why the this.result(doc) does not work inside the success block?

Thanks for your time.