Scrape a website with Meteor


Hey guys, I’m writing a small App for Meteor, but I really got stuck while scraping a website. I use this package.

According to the example, I should write this line: (where?!)

websiteData = “

to get some basic data from the website. However, whenever I put this line and run meteor application, I get the following error:

“Errors prevented startup: while processing files with ecmascript… Unexpected token”.

I bet I use this package in a wrong way. If you could write a small example on how I can scrape basic information from any website, I will be very happy!


I successfully scraped a simple website when I changed the code to the following form…).
However, I need to extract the amount of sugar and salt from the following website ( ), but the package doesn’t extract any numbers.


No idea about the package your using, but I can recommend x-ray if it deosnt work out