Script tags and Meteor


I’m using embedly and I want to insert the html returned into a template. Most of the time it works but if the html has a script tag then Meteor doesn’t render it and everything falls apart. Anyway around this?

I guess this is blasphemy against Meteor’s principals but I have no way to know what kind of script I need until I do the api request. I could rewrite the wntire embedly api using Meteor but let’s be real - I couldn’t.


i dont know embedly but to insert plain html or plain strings into the dom use {{{ }}} instead if {{ }} but this is a very insecure way.

a second way would be to manualy create a dom element with js and set it up.
for more info look at that:


Can you post an example of your code?


This is the code needed to render a tweet.

class="twitter-tweet"><p>We know how we’ll be watchin' <a 
season 5. 👍 
<a href="">@AppStore</a> <a 
href="">@HBO</a> <a 
 <a href=""></a>
 iTunes TV (@iTunesTV) <a 
9, 2015</a></blockquote>
<script async src="//" 


Any news on this one @fardeemmunir ? I have the same problem it’s annoying ;(.


FYI I’ve fallback on jquery script loading if the embed api presents a script to load i extract the source out of it.