Scripts and Tools for debugging standard-minifier-js problems

I don’t seem to get passed the latest standard-minifier-js that I have had for a few days. I am grateful for this script which seemed to make sense of an unintelligible stack trace:

alias uglifyjs=~/.meteor/packages/standard-minifier-js/.
find lib client -type f -name *.js|while read file;do uglifyjs -o /dev/null $file;done

However it doesn’t find any problems.

It would be nice if an incredibly long stack would give even a hint of what is wrong. This is the top of the stack trace:

While minifying app code:
eval at
:1545:18: SyntaxError: Unexpected token: punc ())
at new JS_Parse_Error (eval at

It seems this is a common problem but solutions are not to be had.

I would be grateful if someone who has solved the problem can tell me how they did it.