Scroll not working in IOS meteor 1.3


I have update this meteor version and now image upload is completely working fine but i am not able to scroll my long page in IOS(Scroll working in Android). Please help to out from this problem. I am facing this kind of issues in my meteor app please help me ASAP. Because i need to deliver my app today your help make my day.

Thanks in advance

Help us to help you: provide as many useful details as you can. Like what code did you use to scroll, packages, etc.

I have not used any of the package for scroll when i have not update meteor version up to that time scroll is working fine but that time image upload is not working now i have update the version of meteor now image upload is working but scroll is not working now. Let me know any more detail you need

Any error output visible when you remote debug via Safari? (See this section of the mobile guide for instructions if you need them.)

No we are not getting any error in remote debugging? Have you made any test application with scroll in IOS?

Many apps use scrolling and work fine on iOS, so maybe I’m not understanding what you mean. Have you tried creating a minimal reproduction?

Scroll is not working because of Ionic keyboard plugin 1.0.8 which is not compatible with meteor 1.3 with iOS. i have removed this plugin and scroll is working fine

Glad to hear you figured it out!