SCSS import problem, when package name starts with "@"

Hi, I’m unable to start Meteor, when I would like to use an scss style from package, which is named with “@”.

@import "@coreui/coreui/scss/coreui";
@import "@coreui/chartjs/scss/coreui-chartjs";```

...when I will change imports to:
```// Import styles
@import "../../node_modules/@coreui/coreui/scss/coreui";
@import "../../node_modules/@coreui/chartjs/scss/coreui-chartjs";

…its working, but It will make an error on scss inside the @coreui, which is importing @coreui/…anyscss

Is it somehow possilble to solve it, or its not possible in Meteor framework?

somewhere in /imports/ui/styles/ have an app.scss file.
Into that file import anything you need with SCSS import syntax.

In project/app/client/main.js import your app.scss file. Eg:

import '../imports/ui/styles/scss/app.scss'

And you need a SCSS compiler indeed :). There are a couple of packages in Atmosphere.

Hello @paulishca, yes, but the problem is, that I’m importing scss file from node_modules and thos scss file in node_modules is using “@” to import another scss file from the same node_modules package. Therefore, I’m not able to somehow “get around” this problem, because the problematics imports are inside node_modules.

…about the scss compilers, I was always used fourseven:scss but because the very old dependencies I forked the packake and rewrite it to make dart-sass instead of node-sass to make the compilation faster and without those old dependencies. Is it ok (to use dart-sass), or It’s better to go back into fourseven:scss?

…and to be a little open, missing internal support of scss in meteor framework in Meteor 3 was small disappointment for me. Base on previous discussions I throught, that scss support in new Meteor 3 will be native supported.

Thanks a lot & king regards.