Scss with meteor

I’m currently trying to convert my html theme to meteor. Until now, I basically transfered some of the html code and uploaded all my scss files (this theme uses scss instead of css), it didn’t quite worked.
This is how it should look:
This is how it actually looks:

This is 1 of the questions, how do I make the app to recognize my scss correctly? Also in scss it uses things like .owl-prev,
.owl-next {
While I have owl-carousel installed, do I need to make any link between the plugin and the actual scss file? or meteor will do it for me.

Second, How do I link the path of root? I have a folder called layouts and a folder called images. In layouts for example I have a path -> …/client/images/logo.png but as you can see in the photo, it’s not quite recognizing it.

I’m trying to step from php to meteor, as the live queue and the way meteor works fits perfectly for my needs (a marketplace website)


put images into your public folder, see the extended todos app for guidelines

still not working :(.
I put …/images/logo.png is it ok?

put it in public directly , not in public/images