Search and Sort using EasySearch

I need to implement Search and Sort to my app and i’m trying EasySearch.
At a first try using engine: new EasySearch.Minimongo() enables the Search while the rest of the features continue working (like edit, delete).

But if i want to implement Sorting, the only way is to use the engine: new EasySearch.MongoDB({ }), which creates an additional collection, and then the edit, delete features stop working, because it’s using that new collection.

How can i implement Search and Sort and still have all the features available? Or please suggest another easy to use Search library or a tutorial.

Here is my code:


Cvs = new Mongo.Collection('cvs')

CvsIndex = new EasySearch.Index({
    collection: Cvs,
    fields: ['name'],
    engine: new EasySearch.MongoDB({        
        sort: () => {createdAt: -1}
    toggleMenuItem: function (id, currentState) {
    deleteCv: function (id) {


{{> EasySearch.Input index=cvsIndex attributes=searchAttributes }}

            {{#EasySearch.Each index=cvsIndex }}
                {{> Interviu}}


    cvsIndex: () => CvsIndex,