Search component with React? easy:search?


I’m looking to add search to an app. I’ve used easy:search with a blaze app and it worked perfectly. But I am now (somewhat unfortunately) using react.

Is it just best to add blaze-in-react for now?

I’m using react + react-komposer for data. Do I need to put the subscription in a komposer container and then again in the template.onCreated? Or just do the subscriptions in a template.onCreated and then plop the master blaze template into the react component?


I used meteorhacks:search-source in a React demo I built a while back, to search against a custom Solr backend. I’m not sure if it’s quite what you’re looking for (and it hasn’t been updated for Meteor 1.3), but if you’re interested it’s here: meteor-solr-demo