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We began a Meteor project, with an external consultant, some months ago. He’s good at react but not about Meteor core concept.

So, we search a Meteor expert for some days of auditing. What we want to achieve :

  • Use oplog to redis with multiple database connection
  • Implement reactdatagrid with reactivity (pub/sub) and “big amount of data” (> 10 000 lines). For now, developper call Meteor method to load all data from collection, cause he not found a way to add reactivity on this tool
  • Use a complete role system, with possibility to define access to databases>collections>fields
  • Use a schema principle to implement data validation, UI & listing format (if object.a IN [“X”, “Y”], so format UI, hide this fields, display alert, display specific button, etc. ) - We thinks about Yup… This schemas are also used on API part (other project, use graphQL)
  • Meteor have only read access to database (wich is on MongoDB Atlas). All write actions passtrough API
  • Optimize server ressources (this project is deploy across multiple servers, on premise, with loadbalancer) & write a “How to” deploy (just meteor build & launch with pm2 ?)
  • Add APM (via external Elasticsearch server)

I think it’s 2 to 3 days of work? We will see this together

NB: It’s better if you speak French


Haha - love this part


We already implemented all points, so we don’t want a developpers to implement that, but a Meteor expert to audit code :slight_smile: and improve bottleneck

If it’s more than 2/3 days, it’s not a problem

Hi Met,

I’m a French senior Meteor developper, I’ve already provided several Meteor audits in my career, and have been working thoroughly with it for the past 7 years.

I’m not available a lot lately, but maybe we can arrange something ?

We, Vazco, could also help you out! We don’t speak french, though. If you have any questions, either use the contact form on the website or message me directly.

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If you are still on the lookout for someone I would be happy to help you, as I am an experienced Meteor consultant.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hi @metbeginner, in case you are still looking for some help or have faced any other issues, please feel free to contact me or @filipenevola.

Filipe and I are partners at Quave (, a company specialized in developing mobile and web apps using Meteor.js. Filipe is the former CEO of Meteor, so he is basically a Meteor guru, and together with our team we have already delivered more than 100+ Meteor projects.

You can write to us here:

ps: we don’t speak French, but we can find our way to communicate :slight_smile: