Search missing from Guide


The guide used to have a search feature which was very handy. Any plans to add it back?


Yeah we’re working on it. As a workaround for now, you can use Google with the site: flag, like this:


As a followup, the thing I miss most from the docs is being able to ctrl-f for something like .renderWithData, and see the arguments immediately. Is there a repo of the old docs somewhere or a download? A local copy of the old docs would still be helpful in the interim!


You can clone the meteor repo to your local machine and run the old docs from there:

git clone meteor   # clone the repo
cd meteor/docs   # switch to the docs folder in the repo
git checkout release/METEOR@    # checkout the release you want the docs for
meteor   # run the standard meteor command

Now you can navigate to localhost:3000 as normal and get the old-style docs (at least until they stop appearing in the repo as a meteor app).


Completely forgot about the old releases, thanks!