Search using non latin characters

Hello there,

I’m quite new into Meteor or even Java,

I have a question regarding a problem that I run into while playing around with the Telescope app,

Trying to add some posts that their content is written in greek,

when I try to search for the title or the body the search query only matches the exact match,

for example if a greek word is written in lower case letters it would not match to a query in capital,
or accents - it has to be exact.

I assume that there is some mongo db query using LIKE similar to mysql,

Is there any - ideally - simple way to either force all the new posts to be in capital regardless how the content was sourced, or a way to change a flag or something in Mongo or Meteor so the search function is not so strict with the matching when it comes to non latin characters?

Thank you very much for your time reading this.

any idea about this issue related to search?

somewhere I could start from?

thank you