Secure database for Meteor.js project

Hi guys!

I will be leading a group of people that will make a web application
in Meteor.js framework. We are freelancers and we are not very good in
security of web applications. I am working with Meteor.js for a while
now and I was not concerned about security, because there was nothing to
serious to steal from my apps :D.

Considering we want to use the database which is secure, because of
real money on users accounts. So I am asking this Meteor community here
what is the best solution? Is it good to stay with Mongo? Should we
change to Oracle database and use a package that is written to work with
that database instead of Mongo?

Please say or suggest some links about security and which databases are good to use. Thanks!

You can make any database secure if you’re following best practices. Check out the security best practices on the Meteor Guide -

Also, if you’re deploying with, they have their own guides to securing the deployment.