Seed project for Meteor 1.8 + Vue?

Can anyone recommend a seed project for meteor + vue?
I gave a try but it’s not up to date. Throws errors and the page constantly reloads…
Ideally it’ll work with meteor 1.8

I shared one a while ago. Keep in mind to set the NO_HMR=1 env var until the reload issue is resolved. There is a pending pull request for this.

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Right now there’s a bug which causes Vue to reload endlessly with Meteor 1.8. This is adressed here:

I’d say the simplest solution is to temporarily just use Meteor 1.7 until that PR is merged. Creating your Meteor project with the following command should do the trick (have not tried it myself):

meteor create --release some-app-name

Once that PR is merged, you should be able to just update your project to the current release with meteor update

As for a seed project, I found this useful, though it is very opinionated:

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Thanks all for the super-fast replies!
I confirm the workaround works for meteor-1.8. Also the suggested seed looks promising

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