Seek help to find the best package for my needs


Hi guys,

I’ve just started using MeteorJS and really appreciate the easy prototyping.
As I’m currently in need to find a roadmap tool that fully meets my requirements I weren’t really satisfied with the current available ones. I therefore decided to make a small tool on my own and instantly thought about doing it with Meteor. The tool should have a responsive design please take that into consideration too.

What I’m currently looking for is a way to:

  • drag a feature (description, from/to date …) shown as a simple bar/block to a timeline, adjust the from/to date by resizing it (as you’d do e.g. with an image in Word by clicking and holding the edges)
  • adjust the timeframe of the roadmap
  • show different charts
  • and so on…

I’ve already had a look at chart.js but I don’t think they have such a timeline chart I’m looking for to create a good roadmap.
Are there any packages for Meteor I could use to build that tool?

Would really appreciate some help.
Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,


You might want to look at D3js, meteor add d3js:d3

Then search for timeline or lanecharts - there might be a match for your specs, but you might have to do a bit of hacking to deliver it… d3 is well supported on the web, has a good SO coverage so you should find your way around


thanks for the fast response.
I just had a quick look at D3js but I’m not sure if it’s possible to interact with the roadmap as described in my first post.

I just noticed I didn’t add ‘responsive design’ to my wishlist. Does D3js provide it?


I would say that it is possible to do all the things you specified with d3, but you may have to do the work

d3 can handle responsive design

It seems more like you want something out-of-the-box… sorry, I can’t help with that

best of luck


thanks again, I’m just not sure if I’m skilled enough to program it using D3js if I have to create the whole roadmap from scratch.

hoped for a javascript library that provides roadmaps out-of-the-box but it seems there’s not even one out there :frowning: