Seeking advice - read ECONNRESET while accessing document

We have Meteor application which connects to MongoDB.
Metero version :
MongoDB: 3.2.12
Problem -
We got stumbled upon an problem when Primary MongodB server got rebooted and secondary MongoDB server became primary.
After this document attachment functionality of application is not working and each time when we are trying to attach a new document or accessing the existing document.
We are using cfs gridfs for documents.
The error which we are receiving while access document is like -
{ [Error: read ECONNRESET]
code: ‘ESTREAM’,
errno: ‘ECONNRESET’,
syscall: ‘read’,
command: ‘API’ }…
What could be going wrong here ?
The ECONNRESET simple suggest that MongoDB is refusing the connection but then do not resolve the issue .

Thank you in advance.