Seeking co-maintainers for Sideburns (React templating for Meteor)

Hi there,

Are you a Meteor expert?
And you know some React?

Sideburns is a package with the ambition to replace/improve Blaze and Spacebars with React but keep most of their APIs, except for some cases where we can make improvements (such as the different behavior of “this” in helpers, events and hooks).

Then you’ll fit perfectly in our team developing Sideburns, we’d love for you to help out bringing this package to a stable version with full support of the Blaze API and Spacebars templating for React.

I’ve just implemented Blaze helpers, Blaze events, Spacebars {{#each in}}, Spacebars {{helper}}, and more. We’re not far from feature complete actually!

Though the most major issue is debugging and source mapping, a way for the user of this package to detect where and why a problem came about.

Check it out:

This project was formerly known as timbrandin:jsx-templating.


Wow this is really awesome

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You already know i’m all over that :wink:

Btw, I like your latest changes

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