Seeking developer to help write tests for a large Meteor app REMOTE WORK OK

I hope it’s OK to announce this here. We are looking for a friendly developer to help write tests for our large Meteor application. We want you to feel like you are part of our team, and not simply a remote contractor. We care as much about communication, attitude and cooperation as we do about technical skills. Learning and sharing are important values to our organization. Sound good? Keep reading!

White Rabbit Express is a Japan-based proxy-buying service pioneer. We help tens of thousands of people buy stuff from Japan. You’ll be developing on a strategically important and highly visible project, using the latest cutting-edge development frameworks. We’ve been doing all new development in Meteor full-time for two-years.

Job details here:


OR, if you don’t want to write tests, I’ll pay you as a consultant/mentor to teach me how to write Jasmine server and client unit and integration tests for my large app.