Seeking experienced Meteor dev for 1-on-1 consultation


I’m looking for a proficient and experienced Meteor dev to give a 1-on-1 consultation or two. Though I enjoy discovering answers on my own power I’m much more interested in making progress with my app and learning from others’ mistakes. I don’t want to discover everything for myself.

I’m sure there are other people in the community that feel the way I do so please post a link to whatever you think best represents you and your work so that others can benefit from you as well.

  • I’d like to pay in 15 min increments (negotiable)
  • I’m on Pacific time
  • I have questions about
    • efficient use of templates
    • my use of JavaScript
    • iron:router
    • publications/subscriptions
    • when to normalize/denormalize data
      • how to do joins
    • creating a comprehensive seed.js
    • and more!
  • I use Windows so I recognize we may hit some limitations somewhere (having said that, I’m doing some pretty basic stuff so far)



According to the meteor club podcast - for $100 @joshowens will spend an hour with you on the topic of meteor…
Although I am not sure how it is supposed to work as its a per month contribution.


Interesting. I’ll see what he has to say about one month donations.


I could help you for free if you accept doing it as a public Hangout on Air on CodersTV :smile:


I’d be happy to help if you need it, just contact me joshua DOT owens AT No need to worry about the patreon link :slight_smile:


I feel like the belle of the ball, you guys!

@gabrielhpugliese Sounds interesting(!) if not possibly embarrassing. :sweat_smile:

@joshowens Much appreciated! I’ll be in touch.


Just not to concentrate the information to one single person :smile:
Send me a DM if interested.
Note: I’m probably not as good as @joshowens :smile:


You are probably pretty good, I’ve just had a lot more time teaching people in the last 8 months :stuck_out_tongue: