Segmentation fault: 11 after installing latest meteor


after installing latest meteor (1.5.2) I’m not able to do anything - can’t run the old project, can’t even run meteor create myapp, the only command that works seems to be meteor --version… Segmentation fault: 11 error all the time.
does it happen to anyone???
my local machine is macos 10.12.6 sierra. 8 gig ram.



went thru several related topics here but it seems no one has experienced the same (basically nothing works anymore.) Is there anything i can change on the macbook to solve it? any advice???



I got the same problem since using the latest Meteor. Crashes after about 3-4 client / server rebuilds.
Interestingly, it does not happen with another Meteor project which is still on 1.4.
So seems indeed to be an issue with Meteor 1.5+


try starting meteor with this flag, works for me

TOOL_NODE_FLAGS="--no-expose-gc" meteor


Thanks Satya. Sadly this fix doesn’t work for me…


I guess will have to moving off of meteor completely… what a PITA.