(Segmentation fault: 11) Meteor crashing during development


Lately, while developing, meteor has crashed with a Segmentation fault: 11.

Would this be a meteor related issue or a coding error?

I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I just restart meteor and i keep coding until later, could be minutes or even next day, it happens again.


What operating system, and how much RAM does the machine have free?

I have a different crashing problem, see Meteor randomly crashes at events.js with Error read ECONNRESET
Which I wonder could be caused by an npm module, or by Meteor itself. It happens at random times when the site is being used, so it’s hard to identify the cause.


All. The. Time. 2013 Mac Pro (trashcan), OS 10.12.4, 64GB RAM.


I’m on a 2010 iMac
OS 10.12 (It happened on all the OS updates)

I’ve only had this in development. Not in production.
Production is on a linux server.


Me too, about once a week, (Mac mini 2013, all OS’s, 16GB RAM)



I have this all the time.

macbook pro '15


Ditto, I’m getting this multiple times a day.

15" macbook pro, 10.12.4


Macbook Pro 15"

It happens when i hit the save button while coding. Meteor wants to restart and crashes.


Me too! Up to about 10 - 15 times a day
Mac Mini (late 2014)
8 gb RAM


I’ve never seen this in Windows (or deployed Linux environment), so it appears to be just a Mac problem.


I can confirm that this happens on Linux. Ubuntu 15.04, since


This happens a few times a day for me. Latest Meteor on latest Linux Mint.

Frequent Segmentation fault on local

I confirm it happens more and more fequently for me since last update of Meteor.
I am on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.
My coworker face that problem too but less frequently. They are on Mac 10.12.4 and Debian 3.16.0-4
I confirm also that the problem seems to happen on saving files when the app reload.


I just updated to and am now getting segmentation faults almost every time I save a file. Mac. Any updates on this?


There’s an open issue about this now on GitHub: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/8648
No solution yet, but it’s been marked as a bug at least


Could this be related to node version or npm version? Here’s mine:

node = v6.10.0

npm = 4.4.1


I have no problems running on Ubuntu 16.04


I have had this issue once or twice… not really an issue for me.


If you have not had any issues or it’s very rare, would you mind checking your node and npm versions? And your packages file, just out of curiosity? This is becoming a real productivity-killer for me and I’m anxious to uncover anything I can about it.


If you ran Meteor on Node 6 you could definitely get problems, as Meteor only supports Node 4.8.2. However, the meteor dev pack comes bundled with it’s own internal versions of Node, npm and Mongo that it uses, so that shouldn’t be it.