(Segmentation fault: 11) Meteor crashing during development

Ditto, I’m getting this multiple times a day.

15" macbook pro, 10.12.4

Macbook Pro 15"

It happens when i hit the save button while coding. Meteor wants to restart and crashes.

Me too! Up to about 10 - 15 times a day
Mac Mini (late 2014)
8 gb RAM

I’ve never seen this in Windows (or deployed Linux environment), so it appears to be just a Mac problem.

I can confirm that this happens on Linux. Ubuntu 15.04, since

This happens a few times a day for me. Latest Meteor on latest Linux Mint.

I confirm it happens more and more fequently for me since last update of Meteor.
I am on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.
My coworker face that problem too but less frequently. They are on Mac 10.12.4 and Debian 3.16.0-4
I confirm also that the problem seems to happen on saving files when the app reload.

I just updated to and am now getting segmentation faults almost every time I save a file. Mac. Any updates on this?

There’s an open issue about this now on GitHub: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/8648
No solution yet, but it’s been marked as a bug at least

Could this be related to node version or npm version? Here’s mine:

node = v6.10.0

npm = 4.4.1

I have no problems running on Ubuntu 16.04

I have had this issue once or twice… not really an issue for me.

If you have not had any issues or it’s very rare, would you mind checking your node and npm versions? And your packages file, just out of curiosity? This is becoming a real productivity-killer for me and I’m anxious to uncover anything I can about it.

If you ran Meteor on Node 6 you could definitely get problems, as Meteor only supports Node 4.8.2. However, the meteor dev pack comes bundled with it’s own internal versions of Node, npm and Mongo that it uses, so that shouldn’t be it.

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This is clutching at straws, but is it maybe to do with the size of Meteor’s bundler cache? There have been reports over the years of this causing longer build times as it grows. In your application root:

rm -rf .meteor/local/bundler-cache

It may also be worth removing Meteor’s package cache from your home directory:

rm -rf ~/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool

The only reason I suggest this is that I’ve seen issues on the forums to do with open file limits on Macs (which could potentially affect Linux too). I don’t have a Mac and have not experienced this on Linux, so feel free to ignore me! :slight_smile:

@robfallows Thanks very much for the suggestion. I did remove both of those files. Both were huge, especially bundler-cache. And then I reinstalled meteor. I managed to develop for almost an hour before I had a seg fault, which is certainly an improvement.

Any other ideas, robfallows? Or anyone else? I’m very motivated to help solve this one, b/c it’s a royal pain.

I have been getting the segmentation fault on startup ‘meteor -s settings.json’ for over a week. I spun up a Vagrant box to run the same code and things work good in there.

The machine that gets the faults is a Macbook Pro running 10.12.4. I was in the process of upgrading an old project Meteor 1.2 -> 1.3 -> 1.4 when the segmentation faults happened. I finished the upgrade on Vagrant. The app is currently at I removed the bundler-cache and have reinstalled Meteor several times. Even ‘meteor create test-app’ gives the fault error.

I’m not sure what else to do.

meteor node -v

meteor npm -v

With Meteor 1.5, this issue is 90 to 95% reduced for me. I’ve maybe 3 seg faults in 4 days of development. Not completely gone and I would still love to know if there’s anything I can do on my end to protect against it, but this improvement is a huge relief. I was having around 10 faults a day before.

Still happening to me after 1.5. Running Sierra 10.12.5

@jpmoyn, how often? When does it happen, when Meteor refreshes the client?