Select a random json object


stuff = (
		'whatever': 'good day'
		'whatever': 'welcome'

      stuffs: function () {
      return stuff(random a 'whatever' here please)

How do i return a random json object?

First if you want stuff to be an array you have to use brackets [] instead of parentheses (). At the most basic level what you’re really asking is how to return a random array index.

You could do:

stuff[ Math.floor(Math.random() * stuff.length) ]

If you want to return a specific property of the object at the array index:

stuff[ Math.floor(Math.random() * stuff.length) ]['property']

As said above, all this does is return a random index from the array. It could be a string, an object – anything you can put in an array. Also that’s just an object literal; I believe JSON uses double quote marks.

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Awesome, works like a baus. I Greatly appreciate your help.
Have a great evening.

Hmm. How would i solve the same problem but while im grabbing from a mongodb instead?

Exactly the same way. Grab your documents from your db and pick a random index in the array in the same way.

Or you can use the meteor random package:

meteor add random

And use


You can use the sample function from the underscore library, that comes with meteor.

var stuff = [{'whatever': "Hello!"}, {'whatever': "World!"}];
var sample = _.sample(stuff).whatever;
console.log(sample); // "Hello" or "World!"

I cant get it to work ://

In my view i just got {{quotes}} ( tried {{quotes.quote}} also )

EDIT: i just noticed that “.whatever” is completely wrong. But it doesnt work with .mkey or .quotes / .quote

im basically completely clueless

It’d be nice if you post the error you are getting. Anyway, you are passing a cursor to the sample() function. Use .fetch() and it should work.

atm im getting .whatever / .quotes / (the thing i put after sample(stuff)…) is not defined

Where should i put .fetch()?

Call .fetch() on the cursor returned by .find(). Then, assuming it exists, you can access the “whatever” property of each array index in the array returned by fetch