Select one option in rendered

in my template,i have a select

<select name="component" id="component"  >
    {{#each componentList}}
      <option value="{{_id}}">{{name}}</option>

in template helper ,i have a componentList (writen in coffeescript).
code one

  'componentList': ->

code two

      'componentList': ->
            {_id: '6K8unLsmxSFFo33zx', name: 'wordpress'}
            {_id: '9hCGkpq7kEG4WnReA', name: 'drupal'}
            {_id: 'vASDPxAYqhS6ofi9P', name: 'ngnix'}

only use code two ,i can select one option in rendered


but i am sure the Components.find() is the same result.
how can i change code one to work


As far as I can see, code one should work (if Components.find() actually returns the correct values, which you can check by inserting console.log(Components.find().fetch()) in your helper).

i check


result is 0.

i realize may be the subscription isn’t ready

thank you steve