Semantic UI: Multi select does't work

Hi all,

I have two problems with semantic UI and the dropdown multi select module.

  1. On my multi select, when I get my values in the form event, I get only the last item of the multi select … Not all or an array… Do you know how I can get all of theses values ?

  2. When I submit the form, I can’t clear the select fields … I have a normal select and a multi select in the form. Do you know if there is a special action to do for select ?

here is just a little JSfiddle to put the code I did:
I don’t know if I shoud put the ‘clear’ method outside of the event … ?

Thanks for the help

  1. I’m not sure if it is the “correct” way but this is how I was able to get all of the values from the multi-select dropdown;
$('#selector').dropdown('get value').slice(0,-1);

The last item in the array is an array object definition (i think, not quite sure) which is why I sliced it off.

$('.dropdown').dropdown('restore defaults');