Semantic-UI transitions on mobile need reference to CSS in main.html


I’m using Semantic-UI in my Meteor application transitions work fine in the browser, but not on Android device.

The only way I can make them work is by adding a direct reference to Semantic-UI minified CSS file in my client/main.html file like so:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//"></link>

This seems to duplicate almost everything and shouldn’t be necessary with Meteor, right? Without it, I get a transition error when I try to use controls such as dropdowns, modals, etc.

Transition: Element is no longer attached to DOM. Unable to animate.

I do have less, autoprefixer, postcss packages installed. Even if I try to import semantic.less directly in my main.less file, if I remove the reference in main.html, it doesn’t work.

@import './lib/semantic-ui/semantic.less';

I need help on this, so I hope this community could at least point me in the right direction!