Send a Push notification from the App

Hello everyone! I am developing an App with Meteor, and I would like to know how to send a Push notification from the App to all registered users in my app under a filter where I select which sex, age range and km range (geolocation)

I want all users who are registered and based on those selected parameters push notifications should arrive them. You can guide me with this please? to more or less know how to proceed or what documentation / tutorial to see

I would appreciate it

A quick search turned up this, don’t know if it will help:

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Ok thanks, let me check it out! I’ll let you know if it help me!

If by any chance you are using Apollo, Apollo pubsub handles this.

Hi! Sorry what is Apollo? Can you give me more info about it? to check that option too!


Glad to. Apollo is from Meteor Development Group.

From Meteor Chef:

Apollo Stack consists of a pair of libraries (Server and Client) which together represent the fruition of MDG’s promise to add support for not-MongoDBs to Meteor. Apollo is the result of an effort to build a pipeline through which data from any source can be integrated into a Meteor application. Mongo requires that you query it in a Mongo-specific format, a database query language, but Apollo implements an application query language—GraphQL—that can span many types of backends. Apollo is an intermediary between your client and data. No longer will you be tied to using Mongo and nothing else when developing with Meteor, so long as you are willing to adopt Apollo.

Here are some other links:

How does Apollo provide native push notifications? It can be used as the data source FOR those notifications, but it is still needed to actually somehow push those notifications from the app to the device’s OS.

Great question! Your client can subscribe to an Apollo pubsub channel you set up on your server. Then any time you want to push something to clients, you can mutate a database that stores the push content. The mutation resolver can call pubsub.publish so as to publish the mutation to that channel. Then subscriptionManager setupFunctions filters the pubsub channel so that only the clients you want to receive a given push, will get it.

@vikr00001 I think the OP was asking for native push notifications which are sent to the user even if the app is in the background.

@jacm I am using raix:push for this. You also need to set-up an account with the respective push notification provider, i.e. Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and / or Apple Push Notification Service (APN). It’s not easy to set-up, but you will find an entry point in the raix:push Newbie manual.

Beware that raix:push has a major usability limitation: On iOS, it will always ask your user to confirm push messages on the very first app start. This is not the recommended way of doing it, as many users tend to reject this confirmation at this point of time. You can have a look at how that “feels” by downloading my own app. There’s an open issue for that (#93).

I am not aware of any other Meteor package for push notifications.

I am very very aware of Apollos subscriptions. I have been using them in production for a couple of months now.

The OP is asking about IOS and Android system notifications, not realtime data to their app, that’s quite well documented throughout Meteor.