Send data to meteor app from other front/backends

What are the best options to send data from outside apps to meteor apps?
Do I need to build an API or are there some easier options?
Thank you!

DDP is the meteor communication protocol

Could you please write an example on how to do that?

The other side needs to implement DDP. You give them an account and they can connect.

In reality that’s not happening in most cases so what we see is that just opening up a REST API is still the way to go. So the other side sends a POST request to your REST API.

Almost every other platform supports this basically so it’s very doable for the other side to implement this.

OKay, thank you for the help.
Easyer than I thougth.
I just need to set up server side routes with the picker package, then POST from the other front ends.
Thanks for the help!