Send data to template based on ReactiveVar (or session variable)

I have a collection of questions and want to iterate through them based on a next button. I can update a ReactiveVar or session variable named ‘counter’ but when I pass the variable to the Template helper, I get an error that the variable is undefined.

Thanks or your interest!

JS Code:

Session.setDefault(‘counter’, 0);

counter: function () {
return Session.get(‘counter’);

question: function () {
return Questions.find({order: counter});

‘click .next’: function () {
// increment the counter when button is clicked
Session.set(‘counter’, Session.get(‘counter’) + 1);


You could put in a guard.

    counter: function () {
        var counter= Session.get('counter');
        return (typeof counter === 'number' ? counter : 0);

in the “question” helper you would need to call it as Session.get(‘counter’)

or if it is template scoped ReactiveVar than Template.instance().counter.get()

Thanks for the prompt response but I am still getting counter undefined error.

I tried your suggestion in this way:

question: function(){
return Questions.find({order: Session.get(‘counter’)});

I am getting neither error or response.

you can try what it is returning in browser console, but add .fetch() at the end, cause it is cursor without it.

So you are getting these data from helper:

Questions.find({order: Session.get('counter')}).fetch();

I believe there should be some results, maybe you are just using them wrong way, but template iteself was not part of yout report so far…

OK. it is working now. I had initialized variable with session.setdefault so it wasn’t updating. Switched to session.set.
I’m going to try to refactor with template scope.