Send emails at a specific time

Hi everyone,

I’m building a meteor web app where people orders meals online to restaurants before 11:00am for lunch.

I have to send the lists of all orders to each partner restaurants at 11:00am everyday.

I have totally no clue on how I could achieve that ? Do you have any advice ?

Have a good day, cheers,


You can use a package like that :

or that:

to plan a cron job everyday at 11 that would do the required task for you (send email or anything else)


That is exactly what I was looking for ! thank you very much @ivo

note that @msavin is regularly present on this forum and has a dedicated post about his package where you can ask for help if needed. I personnaly used both on a projet and had problem with none of the two. Somehow I ended up using percolate cron for fix job everyday at a fix time and Steve Jobs for jobs depending on a user action. but I guess both could be used for both.


I would recommend using Lambda to run CRON jobs.