Send SMS using MeteorJS

Hello Meteor Devs,
I’m a Junior Web Developer here in Philippines. I’m new to Meteor and i want to use it on my Next Project. I just wanted to know if there is a Package for Sending SMS.
I Hope someone can help me. Thanks :grinning:

What is the exact use case you need it for?

i will use it for verification purposes only sir.

Then you should have a look at Twitter Digits (now acquired by Google):

It is a free service, and it’s possible to integrate it with Cordova. I am using this service in my own app

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Thank you sir. i will try it. :relieved:

Then you should have a look at Twitter Digits (now acquired by Google):

sir how did you integrate it to Meteor? I’m using react-meteor.

just searching meteor search digits yields

± meteor show trinisofttechnologies:accounts-digits
Package: trinisofttechnologies:accounts-digits@1.0.7
Maintainers: trinisofttechnologies            
Login with digits on web                      
Recent versions:                              
  1.0.3  November 20th, 2015                  
  1.0.4  November 20th, 2015
  1.0.5  November 20th, 2015
  1.0.6  November 20th, 2015
  1.0.7  November 23rd, 2015

I am not using the meteor package, I am using this Cordova plugin:

Yet, I had to do some patches which can be found in my own fork:

(Use at your own risk, I won’t be supporting this version officially.)

You can use okland:accounts-phone for this.

Thank you all :wink:

you can use m
mrt:twilio-meteor​ package

A SMS service that I subscribed to has a simple email interface. I was able to simply send an email, with the phone number as the to address. It was easy to use the meteor email without the need to integrate any packages. It’s a bit of a quick and dirty because I don’t get a response back, but it has been working well enough.

Can you point me to the SMS service you used? Thanks

SImple and works well

I think they are international, we were using a UK server on the project

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Thanks @mikkelking :smiley: