SendMail callback function?

Hello there,

Simple question, is there any callback capabilities for the sendmail function available in Meteor, that return sent mail informations ? (message ID … etc) instead of setting this manually ?

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Simple answer: no. No return parameter or callback function are mentioned in the docs and none appear in the source code.

Which mail-service are you using to send your email? Many 3rd party smtp providers provide an API which gives this information. I use - 10,000 free emails per month.


Hi Wildhart,

I’m using Gmail smtp only, for ponctual mail. I was searching how i could get infos from a sent mail to store those informations in Mongo, to be able to identify threads (i’ll be using IMAP + SMTP to build a “mailbox”).

Perhaps, i just tried to manually set messageID unsing sendmail function, it’s working btw.

Anyway, thanks for the quick answer !