Sentry integration

Has anyone been able to fully capture both client- and server-side errors in Sentry (including errors in Tracker, methods, etc)?

I never did with Meteor, but it should be straightforward.
Are you using it with Apollo or DDP?

DDP – that’s why it seemed complex to set up (trying to catch all of the errors that Meteor normally catches and logs to console).

I’ve implemented a full-blown implementation once. The idea was to accumulate all of the relevant DDP calls (method executions and results + subscriptions and their ready states) in arrays, and add it all as breadcrumbs. On top of that, there was user identification and issue identification (can’t find the docs on that now).

It worked fine and provided enough context in most cases, but it still required manual work to correlate the client- and server-side errors (in most cases they were the same but came from different sources).

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Thanks – nice! Is your implementation shareable?

Unfortunately not. However, the owner of this code is on this forum and maybe will share it here.