SEO beginners Guide for Meteor with React & Prerender

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you all a new article I published of how to setup the SEO of your meteor application using react and You can check it out in the following: SEO beginners Guide for Meteor with React & Prerender


Nice. Just one point here, react-helmet has a bit of a problem. Or two. 1 problem is the lack of updates for 2 years but I don’t see that affecting its intended function for now.
However, Helmet injects all the social tags at the very end of the HTML head. This makes it impossible at most times to get a preview in Whatsapp and perhaps in other systems. I had to fork this and make it add those tags at the top and now I get those almost instant previews.

Thank you @paulishca for your comment. For now, I still think react-helmet is a good solution to use but I will keep an eye on this (if things change, I will update the blog post with the use of a new package).

Until now, I havent had any problems with other systems like Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit. I havent used Whatsapp for this but will check it out for sure =).

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Thank you for the great work @juanpmd :tada:
I’ll share the article with the team

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This is great! :raised_hands: Thanks @juanpmd.

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