SEO Best Practices for React/FlowRouter Project?

I’m finally starting a new project again and now I’m using all the goodies (ES6 Modules, React, Webpack, Flow Router, etc.). I want to make sure I am following the SEO best practices so that my site will be indexable/searchable when it launches.

Previously, I was using Spiderable with Blaze and Iron Router. For some of my pages, I was using Fast Render as well. Is any of that different with this new React/Flow Router stack? Will Spiderable still work?

From the docs, it seems Flow Router has built-in fast render support (does this mean I don’t need to separately meteor add it)? How do I activate it, or is it on by default?

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Here you got few questions and you have mixed a bit of stuff.

SEO and Fast Render is two different things. You can use spiderable for a React app as well. But now google can see your page without spiderable.

For that you need FastRender since Google doesn’t create the DDP connection.

Yes. FlowRouter has built it support for FastRender. But you need to install FastRender yourself. See FlowRouter README for more information.

We recommend to use component level subscription. Then you can’t get the use for FastRender. For that, in the next version we will have native Server Side Rendering. We are planning to ship it on early January.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll just keep on using Spiderable for now then. My biggest concern is SEO discoverability. I’m not loading so much content that not having fast-render is going to hurt me too much.

That’s exciting times though, thanks so much for creating flow router!

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